Our Story

What do yo do when you are leaving on a mission trip to Tanzania in a couple of days and a generous brother hands you a sizable check and tells you to do something good?

First of all, you pray A LOT.  You make a few phone calls overseas and ask what “extra” thing could be done that would have an impact on the brethren there.  You pray some more.  Finally (providentially) you recall the difficulties that the brethren there have with access to clean, safe drinking water.  So, having no clue what you are doing, you arrange to install a water well on the grounds of the local church building.  Little do you know, this is just the beginning.

In the months that follow you begin to get reports of non-Christians in the village coming to the church building for their daily water. Soon, some of those very people become involved in Bible studies with the Christians there. Finally, you begin to hear of some of those souls putting on Christ in baptism.  At that moment, you realize that a well of water in the hands of a group of Christians can provide so much more that just a physical need.  You realize that if members of the church can work together, we can put wells in even more places.  Thus Bucket By Bucket was born.  We are a 501(c)3 charity that digs wells on local congregations property in Tanzania, East Africa.  We hope to use this opportunity to spread the gospel even further.