We are a non-profit organization dedicated to digging wells on the property of local congregations in Tanzania, East Africa.

Bucket by Bucket is operated by members of the Lord’s church. Our goal is to bring the soul-sustaining water of the Gospel by providing access to life-sustaining water from community wells. We also provide practical education on drip irrigation and other helpful ways to use clean water.


What do you do when you are leaving on a mission trip to Tanzania in a couple of days and a generous brother hands you a sizable check and tells you to “do something good?”


First of all, you pray A LOT. You make a few phone calls overseas and ask what “extra” thing could be done that would have an impact on the brethren there. You pray some more. Finally (providentially) you recall the difficulties that the brethren there have with access to clean, safe drinking water. So, having no clue what you are doing, you arrange to install a water well on the grounds of the local church building. Little do you know, this is just the beginning.


In the months that follow you begin to get reports of non-Christians in the village coming to the church building for their daily water. Soon, some of those very people become involved in Bible studies with the Christians there. Finally, you begin to hear of some of those souls putting on Christ in baptism. At that moment, you realize that a well of water in the hands of a group of Christians can provide so much more that just a physical need. You realize that if members of the church can work together, we can put wells in even more places. Thus Bucket By Bucket was born. We hope to use this opportunity to spread the gospel even further.

Our Mission

When a year-round supply of clean water is available in the communities of East Africa, life improves dramatically. A community well brings more food, better hygiene, and improved sanitation. It becomes a central part of local life, visited by everyone. When that well is on the property of the Lord’s church, every visit to draw water is an opportunity to share the living water of the Gospel.

Bucket By Bucket is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit charity organization. Every donation is tax deductible.

Our Staff

Alan Middleton Profile

Alan is an Operations Supervisor for Kinder Morgan in Tuscaloosa, AL. He has served in the kingdom as a preacher, deacon, and elder. Alan has been involved in foreign mission efforts since 2007. He is married to Cindy has two faithful grown children and two grandchildren.

Dianne Carroll

Dianne lives in Cumming, Georgia with her husband Hank. She has been a dedicated elder’s wife and supporter of her husband and family for many years. Dianne enjoys spending time with her daughters, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. She brings love and compassion to Bucket by Bucket and assists with many of the difficult questions fielded by our organization.

Lives in Njiro, Arusha, TZ, Elly currently serves as project coordinator installing wells and President of Bucket by Bucket Tanzania. Elly owns his own furniture-building business and works with missionaries as a facilitator and translator. He has served in the Kingdom as a preacher and Bible teacher for many years. Elly has a great passion for souls and exercises that passion by helping in whatever campaigns and seminars he can. He is married to Neema and they have five children together.

Cindy is a dedicated, faithful servant of the Lord and wife of Alan. Cindy is an excellent teacher, and has spoken at several Ladies’ programs across the South. Over the years, she has provided childcare for more than 20 children in 4 states. Cindy enjoys serving the Lord in countless ways behind the scenes. She currently serves as secretary and Bible class teacher at Northport church of Christ and has two grown children and two grandchildren.

A long term educator, Cindy has a PHD and works extensively with underprivileged children in the public school system. She is the wife of our board member Greg and speaks at public functions as a Spokesperson for Bucket by Bucket. Cindy always gives God the glory for everything in her life.

Allen and Morgan have been married since 2015. They live in Walker County, Alabama and strive to use their talents to serve the Lord. They operate and manage Bucket By Bucket’s online presence (website and social media).

Our Board Members

Hank Middleton ProfileFounder and owner of Carroll Tile and Flooring, Hank serves as an elder at Cumming church of Christ in Cumming GA, and has been a teacher of God’s word for many years. Hank is married to Dianne, who is a dedicated partner in the Gospel, and they have four grown daughters.

Founder and owner of Perfect Shine, a commercial janitorial service, Greg currently serves as an elder at Northport church of Christ in Northport, AL, has served as a preacher, and has taught God’s word for many years. Greg’s passion for mission work is shown in his constant focus on evangelism both stateside and abroad. Greg is married to Cindy who is an educator, administrator and shares Greg’s passion for the Lord and His work. They have two grown children.

Administrator at Indian Creek Youth Camp, Burt has served as a deacon, preacher, and taught the Bible for many years. He has a background in computer technology, aqua-culture, and wildlife management. Burt has a passion for the lost and for young people. He has been on multiple mission trips to Tanzania and helped begin a very successful Bible camp program there. Burt is married to Michelle, who is his partner in the work, and they have five grown children.

Jay Street ProfileOperations Manager for Kinder Morgan in the Columbus MS area, Jay has served as an elder and preacher and currently preaches as needed at area congregations. He has done multiple mission trips to Guyana. Jay and his wife Cindy are truly God’s servants and have raised two faithful sons.

Brian Sweatt Profile

Founder and owner of Tuscaloosa Drug Company, with stores in Tuscaloosa and Northport, AL. Brian worships at Northport church of Christ with his wife, Brandi and their three young children, he has taught an adult Bible class on multiple occasions, and is the one who planted the seed of this charity idea. Brian is a quiet, supportive man who does much without ever seeking credit or honor.




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